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  Ankara Araştırmaları Dergisi: 8 (1)
Volume: 8  Issue: 1 - 2020
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1.Secular Change in Body Height Among in Ankara Schoolchildren Since 1930’s to Up-to-Date and Relation with Socioeconomic Status
Başak Koca Özer, Ayşegül Özdemir
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.04127  Pages 1 - 12

2.An Alternative Shelter Design for Homeless People: A Proposal for Ankara
Esra Orhan Yılmaz, Gülçin Cankız Elibol
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.22932  Pages 13 - 22

3.Assessment of the Importance of the Ecosystem Services of Gölbaşı Special Environmental Protection Zone for the City of Ankara
Özlem Uğurlu
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.46338  Pages 23 - 47

4.Perceiving Ankara as a Place of Literary Memory Through Literary Museums
Ferah Burgul Adıgüzel
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.00922  Pages 49 - 70

5.Examination of the Interior and the Furniture of the Entrance Hall in the Presidential Atatürk Museum Mansion
Tuğba Andaç Güzel, Hacı Hasan Efe
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.20082  Pages 71 - 81

6.The Fall of Arcades and the Exile of Flaneur, an Arcade in Ankara
Duygu Hazal Simser
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.30602  Pages 83 - 103

7.Reading of Everyday Life in Ankara with Oral History: Güvenevler Neighbourhood, 1950-1980
Gizem Büyücek, Seçkin Büyücek
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.59454  Pages 105 - 125

8.The History of an Interior Space in Everyone’s Narrative: Birtan Kundura, Ankara
Güliz Taşdemir
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.64592  Pages 127 - 142

9.Extraordinary In-Kind Taxes Collected from the Sanjak of Ankara (1540-1640)
Süleyman Polat
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.52244  Pages 143 - 156

10.Periodic Readings on the City and Architecture: Two Office Buildings in Ankara
Nuray Bayraktar
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.92485  Pages 157 - 175

11.Turkish-American Association: The First Twenty Years of an Ankara Institution
Bahar Gürsel
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.18480  Pages 177 - 186

Call For Paper
Journal of Ankara Studies / 17th Issue : Submission deadline for papers is January 20, 2021

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Journal of Ankara Studies writing prize is Sezen Savran with the paper titled "Exploring the Locational Preferences of Syrian Migrants in Ankara and a Case Study of Önder, Ulubey, and Alemdağ Neighborhoods as an Ethnic Urban Enclave” published in V7.I2.

Our center has decided to support an annual writing prize. One writer under 35 years old or researcher who has obtained a doctorate within five years who publishes in the Journal of Ankara Studies will be given the journal's special writing prize of 1,000 TL by an independent jury appointed by the VEKAM Board of Directors.

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