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  Ankara Araştırmaları Dergisi: 8 (2)
Volume: 8  Issue: 2 - 2021
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1.From the Editor
Mehtap Türkyılmaz, Alev Ayaokur
Page I

2.The Urban Transformation of Diverse Works: A Critical Framework that Uses Fieldnotes Regarding Çinçin Bağları
Gülşah Aykaç
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.20982  Pages 187 - 213

3.A Legacy of Grape: A Socio-Cultural and Spatial Analysis of Ankara’s Wine Production History
José Duarte Ribeiro, Duygu Cihanger Ribeiro, João Santos Duarte
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.29494  Pages 215 - 251

4.A Section from the Story of Losing the Angora Goats
Senem Gönenç
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.40412  Pages 253 - 267

5.A Museographic Approach to Geographical Indicated Handicrafts and Sample of Ankara
Ayşem Yanar, Ceren Karadeniz
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.27122  Pages 269 - 283

6.An Ecological Status Analysis of Urban Streams Using the Example of Ankara River
Zeynep Çetiner, Şükran Şahin
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.88528  Pages 285 - 303

7.An Assessment for the Preservation of the Detached Houses in Yenimahalle District of Ankara
Reha Can Yılmaz, Özlem Sağıroğlu
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.79663  Pages 305 - 322

8.Saint Plato, the Martyr of Ankara
Pınar Serdar Dinçer
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.15238  Pages 323 - 335

9.The Last Armenian Catholic Chapel in Ankara and Transmission of its Community to the French Church
Aved Avedis Aydınyan Kelleci
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.24085  Pages 337 - 359

10.From Sümerbank to Gima: The Spatial Transformation of Merchandising in Ankara
Umut Şumnu
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.69672  Pages 361 - 380

11.On the 100th Anniversary of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Supreme Military Command and President of the Assembly Seals of Mustafa Kemal Pasha
Murat Turan
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.52724  Pages 381 - 388

12.Ankara in the Works of Ercüment Ekrem Talu
İsmail Alper Kumsar
doi: 10.5505/jas.2020.06978  Pages 389 - 402

Call For Paper
Journal of Ankara Studies / 18th Issue : Submission deadline for papers is July 16, 2021

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Journal of Ankara Studies writing prize is Özlem Uğurlu with the paper titled "Assessment of the Importance of the Ecosystem Services of Gölbaşı Special Environmental Protection Zone for the City of Ankara” published in V8.I1.

Our center has decided to support an annual writing prize. One writer under 35 years old or researcher who has obtained a doctorate within five years who publishes in the Journal of Ankara Studies will be given the journal's special writing prize of 1,000 TL by an independent jury appointed by the VEKAM Board of Directors.

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