ISSN: 2147-8724
Journal of Ankara Studies - Ankara Araştırmaları Dergisi: 7 (2)
Volume: 7  Issue: 2 - 2019
1.From the Editor

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2.Exploring the Locational Preferences of Syrian Migrants in Ankara and a Case Study of Önder, Ulubey, and Alemdağ Neighborhoods as an Ethnic Urban Enclave
Sezen Savran, Necibe Aydan Sat
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.33154  Pages 283 - 302

3.Mobilization Networks and the Outcomes of Neighborhood Protests in Ankara
Güneş Ertan
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.92053  Pages 303 - 320

4.The Ankara Years of Bülent Arel (1940-1965): Music, Radio and Politics
Nahide Işık Demirakın, N. Işıl Demirakın
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.93685  Pages 321 - 342

5.Changing Characteristics of a Significant Part of the Urban Fringe in Ankara: İmrahor Valley
Fulya Sınacı Özfındık
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.21548  Pages 343 - 353

6.A Public Sphere in the Early Republican Period Ankara: Millet Bahçesi
Cem Dedekargınoğlu
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.47450  Pages 355 - 374

7.Ankara Drawings of Eşref Üren and Andre Lhôte’s Influence
Feyza Akder
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.53215  Pages 375 - 397

8.Museum Workshops as a Learning Environment
Kader Karadeniz Akdoğan, Emel Durmaz, İlayda KİMZAN, Dilek Acer
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.92486  Pages 399 - 413

9.A Spatial Appropriation of the Exterior Space of Housing Units of Immigrant Neighbourhoods: The Case of “Little Halep,” Önder Neighbourhood, Ankara
Dilşa Günaydın Temel, Z. Ezgi Kahraman
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.74936  Pages 415 - 431

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